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One bracelet = one tin of cat food

By purchasing one bracelet, you also buy one tin of cat food. When a fair amount of tins is collected, we will deliver them to a local shelter. Photos will be sent of the tins being delivered to the shelters to all buyers.

These bracelets are the result of hard work and research in order to find the best printing company, who would be able to imprint our design with precision. We’ve added the custom hook using a sewing machine in order to make a bracelet that looks good.


Dimensions: 10x22cm – 100% Polyester

help stray cats Greece
help stray cats Greece
help stray cats Greece

Let's make a difference

Cats are our soul mates. As a result, they help us go through the difficulties of this world, giving unconditional love and purrs. Some kitties are not so lucky to have a warm bed and daily food. This is something that hunts our thoughts every day we see them on the streets. And it is impossible to take them all in our house.

Our goal is to help the cats in Greece, not just in our neighborhood. And we are determined to achieve it!

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100% Polyester